LDT Is Going Live

Follow your favourite teacher no matter where they are in world. Easy online access to single lessons, special workshops and even private sessions, all live. Besides de live sessions you can also buy special packages of lessons or rent them. Fun & productive way to enrich your knowledge and improve your DANCE

A unique online Tango School where you find many different approaches to improve your dance. 

Chose one of our special EVENTS & WORKSHOPS tailored for you! 

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I like your website very much. I hate to say, but coronavirus brought something new and positive to our life😁. Here is a brilliant opportunity for us, tango dancers to learn from great maestros. I personally loved it. My daughter got a membership too, good news spread quickly

Very nice and close interaction! great opportunity to have the best teachers so close! Wonderful

Joana and Sebastian are fantastic tango instructors and performers .They are mindful of their students and their caring shows in every single class as they encourage their students to try new movements. All their classes are fun yet meticulously planned including the music selection. After their workshops, one always comes away with having taken one's tango to the next level. Both are terrific human beings. 

 - Olena - 

 - Chiara - 

 - Sonya Querido - 


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