Edwin & Vittoria

A Little About Us

After many years of studies, Edwin started to work as a tango dancer in Bogota, Colombia, where he became director of the Tango School "San Telmo". In 2008 he moved to Buenos Aires where he lived for 9 years working for different tango companies and tango shows: Gala Tango, "Buenos Aires passion de tango" ;  "Social Tango";  "Casa de Tango Hotel Faena"; "Sabor a Tango" and "Cafe de Los Angelitos" 

Vittoria studied tango, music, ballet, modern and contemporary dance and graduated at AIDA in Milan.

Her professional career started in 2012 as a Ballet teacher and now she is 100% time dedicated to Argentine Tango. Her knowledge in many dances helps her to understand movement, making her a complete dance teacher.


Since started dancing together they have been working with regular lessons in Italy and special events in many European countries and Colombia


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