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Joana Gomes

Joana Gomes, is elegance!  Before being a professional tango dancer, she dedicated her time as a researcher and teacher in a prestigious university. As a teacher she acquired many abilities in guiding other artists to grow and find their own expression. She learned to dance with the most renowned teachers of Buenos Aires. She has been travelling around the world teaching in the most prestigious events.


English, Spanish, Portuguese 

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Vittoria Franchina

Vittoria studied tango, music, ballet, modern and contemporary dance and graduated at AIDA in Milan.

Her professional career started in 2012 as a Ballet teacher and now she is 100% time dedicated to Argentine Tango. Her knowledge in many dances helps her to understand movement, making her a complete dance teacher.


English, Spanish,Italian

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Sebastian Jimenez

Sebastian Jimenez is today one of the most renowned dancers of the Tango Salon category. His career start as the winner of the top prize in 2010: the World Tango Championship. In the same year was also recognized for his unique expression in Tango Vals in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship which made Sebastián the youngest champion in the history of both championships. Since then he has been traveling across the world.


English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,

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Edwin Olarte

After many years of studies, Edwin started to work as a tango dancer in Bogota, Colombia, where he became director of the Tango School "San Telmo". In 2008 he moved to Buenos Aires where he lived for 9 years working for different tango companies and tango shows: Gala Tango, "Buenos Aires passion de tango" ;  "Social Tango";  "Casa de Tango Hotel Faena"; "Sabor a Tango" and "Cafe de Los Angelitos" 


English, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese

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Carolina Couto

Carolina Couto's unique style and great personality has been capturing people's attention. She has been in the finals of the Mundial Championship in tango salon twice and winner of the Metropolitan Championship. She is an amazing dancer.



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Yanina Quiñones

& Neri Piliù

Yanina Valeria Quiñones and Neri Luciano Piliu dance together since 2006. Since then, they have performed at some of Buenos Aires most well-known Milongas and in festivals and Workshops all over the world. 

Nowadays, you will find them working full-time with the Tango Rouge Company, their own tango company, in which they are artistic directors, choreographers, main characters and dancer of their own company.

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Jimena Hoeffner & Fernando Carrasco

Jimena Hoeffner and Fernando Carrasco are consecrated in the 2013 TRI Metropolitan Champions of the City of Buenos Aires, representing the 3 categories Tango, Milonga and Vals, being the first time in the history of a metropolitan that a couple receives the three distinctions. A few months later they became the 2013 Vice World Champions  in Tango Pista. In 2015 they became Champions of the Pelando Variacion .

They participated in Various Festivals both in Europe, USA, Argentina and Asia giving classes and exhibitions as well as being Juries.




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